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Throughout time, people did what they can to make them look young forever. Some even result to risky, unproven methods to look younger than they really are. But there’s one method you can take that is proven safe and effective – teeth whitening. When a person gets older, their teeth darkens. Especially if it’s coupled with other factors like smoking, coffee or certain medication. Having white, shiny teeth can bring back your youthful look. For as long as the treatment is supervised by a dentist, it will be safe and succesful. There are several options available for tooth whitening treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments

  • Toothpastes – This is probably the easiest and most affordable method. However the results are not that good. This is not for those whose teeth are discolored for a long time. They are generally safe but just observe if your teeth become very sensitive. Some whitening chemicals can damage tooth enamel.
  • Over-the-counter products – There are bleaching strips and whitening agents you can easily buy over the counter. Most of them are safe but it’s still a good idea to read through the package and to follow the instructions carefully. Some products are more aggressive than the others causing sensitivity to your teeth.
  • Teeth bleaching trays from your dentist – In this method, your dentist will make cutomized trays that fit your teeth. And your dentist will recommend a bleaching gel which you will apply on the tray. Then you slip it into your mouth. This is one of the most effective and safe methods. Sensitivity is still expected because of the chemicals. Let your dentist know if it’s making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Chair-side tooth whitening – This is more expensive than the other methods. But it is also faster. The procedure can be done by your dentist in just an hour or so.